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The GEEP laboratory enables students to conduct advanced experiments and research projects on various types of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro; distributed generation using hydrogen fuel cells; battery energy storage-based micro-grids; hybrid power systems; power converters; and energy storages. It has been designed so that the performance of each renewable energy source is automatically measured and subsequently displayed and analysed on workstation computers. Moreover, a weather station provides real-time data for students to correlate the system performance with weather conditions. The laboratory can be remotely monitored via local area network so that it can be readily integrated in lectures and workshops conducted at other venues on the Bentley Campus.

GEEP lab

GEEP exhibits the following equipment:

  • three different types of solar PV arrays on trackers, which follow the sun from east to west
  • a horizontal axis and a vertical axis wind turbine on 11-metre towers
  • a micro hydro turbine, generator, pump and tank
  • fuel cell, electrolyser and hydrogen storage
  • a large, central battery bank and three small battery banks
  • a large programmable three-phase resistive load bank and four small, single-phase load banks
  • a weather monitoring station and anemometer on an 11-metre tower
  • seven teaching stations and four research stations
  • micro-grid forming inverters and the central switching station for main grid versus micro-grid selection
  • various types of power converters for grid connection, battery charging and water pumping
  • a custom-designed software platform for data acquisition, system integration, display, analysis and storage
  • a large LCD monitor and presentation area
  • foundations and cabling for expansion of renewable energy sources.