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Today’s power system is being transformed by an overlay of digital communications and control technology. The new grid is intelligent, self healing and self optimising. The Centre has significant activities in Smart and Sustainable Grid applications and technologies through its programs in “Smart Grid” and “Sustainable Power Systems” that support the following goals:

Smart distribution

  • Distribution system automation;
  • Advanced meter infrastructures and smart metering interfaces;
  • Intelligent distribution devices (distribution level FACTS);
  • Distribution power quality (remote monitoring and control, intelligent custom power devices);
  • Distribution reliability (stochastic solutions);
  • Smart rural feeder-smart grids for feeder capacity and quality improvements for rural Australia;
  • Grid codes and compatibility (stability, voltage and frequency ride through).

Smart vehicle and energy storage for reliable grid program

  • In home display
  • Home area network
  • Energy efficiency and intelligent appliances
  • Plug-in electric vehicles
  • Active demand side management

Renewable and distributed generation

  • Wind systems (control of machines and large wind farms, systems integration with respect to reliability, stability and power quality);
  • Distributed solar systems (High penetration distribution modelling, distributed maximum power tracking, integrated storage);
  • Combined heat and power, (CHP), tri-generation with fuel cells and gas micro-turbines;
  • Large scale energy storage and distributed storage aggregation.

Diagnostics and monitoring of assets

  • Self healing and restoration techniques
  • Intelligent and remote monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Remnant life estimation and strategic loading of assets
  • Dynamic loading of transmission lines and transformers

ICT enabled intelligent power systems

  • Smart distribution automation
  • Smart grid communication infrastructure
  • Smart grid security (cyber attack, SCADA)
  • Standard development and interface
  • System optimization (load forecasting, mixed electronic and market models, smart load management)